Immuni+ is made with all-natural ingredients such as Ginger, Turmeric, Spirulina, and Moringa, that helps provide the following benefits:

  • Increase physical energy and metabolism
  • Boost the immune system, and
  • Instantly relieves dry cough, sore throat, and colds.

Each sachet of Immuni+ is locally produced in the Philippines, making it a product that is 100% by the Filipino, for the Filipino.


Improves Metabolic Energy

The active components of ImmuniPlus supports the conversion of food into metabolic energy, providing the body with a healthy boost to overcome everyday challenges. 8

Improves Physical Performance

The ingredients of ImmuniPlus prevents the buildup of toxins in the muscles and lowers muscle fatigue.12

Promotes Tranquility

The active compounds of ImmuniPlus reduces stress hormones, boosting energy and mood throughout the day. 13

Enhances the Quality of Life

The contents of ImmuniPlus includes potent anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties that help fight numerous diseases and improve overall quality of life.14

Improves Immune System Function

The ingredients of ImmuniPlus contributes to a healthy immune system.9

Provides Added Viral Protection

The components of ImmuniPlus contains anti-viral properties, which help with acute symptoms and reduce the risk of infection.16

Promotes Good Skin

The contents of ImmuniPlus include Vitamin A, which is a vital component for the formation of collagen in the skin.17

Alleviates Cold Symptoms

The ingredients of ImmuniPlus have anti-inflammatory properties that assist, ease, and fight infection, while also increasing immunity.19

Increases Antioxidant Support

ImmuniPlus components are loaded with superfoods and powerful antioxidants that help with anti-aging.10 11

Improves Quality of Sleep

ImmuniPlus contains ingredients that help in the production of melatonin, which enhances sleep quality and lowers insomnia.15

Supports Mental Health

The components of ImmuniPlus contains amino acids that helps in the generation of serotonin, which is essential for mental well-being.20

Supports Weight Management

The ingredients of ImmuniPlus improves fat distribution and boosts the body’s metabolic rate, resulting in weight loss.18


Immuni+ is packed with the benefit of all-natural ingredients and superfoods, formulated in a ready-to-drink sachet!


Helps relieve cold symptoms, sore throats, muscle aches 1


Helps boost the immune system, contributes to high energy levels 2, and increases muscle strength and muscle endurance 3


Helps fight against virus diseases, including sinusitis, and cough 4, and helps relieve dry coughs 5


Helps improve lipid metabolism 6 7


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